B2B Marketers: Time For Mobilegeddon

B2B Marketers: Time For Mobilegeddon

I get it. You’re at a B2B company and you run marketing. Your budget’s tight, the CRM campaign is producing leads, the VP of sales trusts the pipeline, so why rock the boat and add mobile? 

According to the numbers, you’re not alone if mobile has been closer to the bottom of your list than the top. Almost 80% of us aren’t creating content readable on a mobile device. But the fact is, if you don’t mobile-ize, you’re leaving traffic and leads on the table, and Google is about to start ignoring you. Here’s why–  

1. As of April 21, Google is using the mobile-friendliness of your website as a ranking signal. That’s what Mobilegeddon is, and it will impact the traffic on your site. Google even created a mobile-friendly test tool (our site passed the test!) so you can gauge your site’s status for yourself. 46% of Fortune 500 companies have failed to make their websites mobile-friendly as of Q1 2015 (insert jaw-drop emoticon here).

If you’re not mobile-friendly and your competitor is, they’re now appearing higher on smartphone search engine results pages (SERPs) than you are– and getting more traffic. 

2. Customers are increasingly coming to your site via mobile. According to Merkle RKG, mobile devices now account for 45% of organic search traffic, up from 34% in Q1 2014. EmailMonday, in their magnum opus review of CRM stats, 

In this brief case study from PwC, a construction products company increased its “where to buy” queries by 23% simply by re-engineering their website to a responsive design. 

3. You can probably get a competitive edge by acting now. According to digital marketing firm Regalix, only 21% of B2B marketers have a strategy for producing content optimized for mobile. Because most B2B marketers use content marketing to nurture prospects and generate leads, now’s the time to differentiate yourself from your competitors on the smartphone platform. 

If you’re relying on your CRM to drive leads, as many B2B marketers do, remember: more of your prospects are clicking on the link in your e-mail from their smartphones, and searching for products like yours while they’re on the go. 

So now’s the time, fellow marketers. Your prospects are using their phones for more than checking Facebook. Instigate, educate, differentiate.